what are mung bean sprouts?

They have been part of the diet in the orient for centuries. They are healthy and year-round suppliers of many important vitamins and minerals. Fresh sprouts are convenient and ready to use.

Mung bean sprouts are grown hydroponically with nothing else than fresh water from carefully selected, high quality mung beans. It takes about eight days from planting to harvest. During this process a sprout grows rich in vitamins and minerals. Periodically, the growing sprouts need to be irrigated. This step occurs automatically with our state-of-the-art growing system.

The delicate sprouts are harvested, chilled, cleaned, washed, dried, then packaged by fully automated, and highly advanced machinery.

Bean sprouts are perishable and need to be kept cool at all times. They are so fresh, they are still alive after harvesting. Bean sprouts taste best and are richest in vitamins after harvest.